“Bake at Home”…. AIP’ish Grain Free Chocolate Chip Cookie- 6 Pack- Paleo Vegan


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Gluten-Grain-Dairy-Refined Sugar Free….Vegan, Paleo

$12.00 – 6 raw cookie dough pieces

AIP’ish if you are allowing yourself the indulgence of dark chocolate sweetened with organic palm sugar!

Do you want the full “DK Experience” of cookies “Fresh From the Oven”?  You can now purchase DK’s cookie dough in raw-frozen form….take home-dethaw-bake and you got yourself fresh-warm cookies directly from the oven! Printable baking instructions below.

  • sweetener: organic palm sugar, organic maple syrup
  • chocolate chips: organic palm sugar
  • flour: cassava, organic coconut
  • fat:  pro-forest organic coconut palm oil

Printable instructions here: Grain Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Baking Instructions