Bake at Home___”Lasagna” Pie- Grain Free- Frozen


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Gluten-Grain-Sugar-Yeast Free

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Serving size: 1 person

This is a delicious “grain-free” lasagna pie with a cauliflower “noodle” crust, filled with ricotta and roasted tomatoes from Laurie’s garden.

Pastry ingredients:  organic cauliflower, organic cassava flour, tapioca starch, purified water, organic olive oil, psyllium seed husk, baking powder (wheat/corn free), sea salt.

Filling ingredients:  ricotta (parmesan cheese, happy eggs, white cheddar cheese, organic nutmeg, sea salt) with roasted organic tomatoes and organic onions, organic olive oil, organic rosemary and himalayan salt….all from Laurie’s summer garden.  Topped with a bit more white cheddar.

Click here for Lasagna Pie Baking Instructions