LID- Large- Grain Free “9 inch” Pie Shell- Paleo Vegan AIP’ish

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Gluten-Grain-Dairy-Sugar-Yeast Free….Vegan, Paleo, AIP’ish

$9.00 –  @ 11 inch /27.94 cm

AIP’ish if you can tolerate a very minuscule amount of ground organic brown flax seed.

These raw pastry shell “lids” have been in the Test Kitchen for a long time!  After months of “test batches”, DK can finally say that we have nailed it!
A delicious, light and flaky crust for you to enjoy!

Note:  these lids take a gentle/patient hand to put on top of your pie!
AND….this lid can be cut into strips to make a “basket weave” design on top of your pie.  If this is done, this product can be used on 2 pies, not just one.
Alternatively, if you want a crumble top, you can purchase 2-3 bags of the “Grain Free “Crumble Top” for SMALL Pie Shell” and use it for a larger pie.

This Pie Shell comes frozen- if it de-thaws enroute home, you can re-freeze it.
This shell also comes wrapped in plastic sheets.  If it is damaged or cracks- you can gently press it back together with your hands on top of the plastic sheets (dethawed of course).

Once your filling is ready and you want to attach the lid, follow these steps:
1. Let the pie shell and lid dethaw completely!
2. Dampen the edge of the pie crust with water
3. Dampen the edge of your lid with water
4. Gently place the lid on top of the pie shell
5. With a dampened fork, gently press the shell and lid together. You may need to keep dampening the fork with water periodically.
6. Once they are attached, you can pinch the edges with moist fingers to make a “fancier” looking edge/ This is not necessary to do.
7. Make sure that you bake your pie covered with foil for at least 30 minutes before removing it so as to not over cook the pastry edge

***Limited amount is made each week so pre-ordering is suggested*** 

Cassava Flour, Organic Tigernut Flour, Pro-Forest Organic Coconut Palm Oil, Arrowroot Flour, Tapioca Flour, Water, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Brown Flax Seed, Sea Salt.