Grain-Free Pierogi Empanadas- 2 Pack

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Gluten-Grain-Sugar-Yeast Free

$9.00- 2 pieces- raw/frozen and must be cooked at home.  Instructions below in PDF format.

***Limit – max 4 per customer please*** 

This is “out of this world”….a grain-free Tigernut Sourdough Pastry filled with Potato and Cheddar!  Soooo good!
I have tried to create a gluten free pierogi for years without success. And NOW….not only is it gluten free, it is grain free and sourdough for optimal digestion!
These pierogi’s are called empanadas because of their size. A small pierogi is too labour intensive to offer so DK made them larger to cut down on labour but it does not cut down on flavour!
These pierogi empanadas come frozen/raw and must be cooked at home!

Pastry ingredients:  Organic tigernut flour & arrowroot flour, water, wild sourdough starter, sea salt, organic olive oil and psyllium seed husk!

Pierogi Cooking Instructions: pdf for print

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Baked Fresh- ready to eat!, Frozen Raw- bake at home!