Tigernut 9.5 Pizza Shell- Paleo Vegan AIP

Menu is CLOSED for ordering!You cannot order at this time....the Pre-Order Menu opens on Sunday July 3 @ 5 pm for July 8/9 - Market/Bakery pick up!


Gluten-Grain-Dairy-Sugar-Yeast Free….Vegan, Paleo, AIP

$8.00 – 9.5 inch round pizza shell

We have the “Italian Style” Pizza crust that has that nice soft chew and then we have this Pizza Shell- a bit more “chew” and can’t take a bit more heat to make a crispier crust.  This one here does not have tapioca starch in it as well!

***Limited amount is made each week so pre-ordering is suggested*** 

Organic Tigernut Flour & Arrowroot Flour, Water, Wild Sourdough Starter, Sea Salt, Organic Olive Oil and Psyllium Seed Husk!