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What's coming to the market every Saturday, plus other tips to get the most with Delish Kitch products.
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It's Flavour First!

Delish Kitch is a dedicated "whole-grain & gluten-free" Market Bakery committing to local, organic, fair trade, non gmo, and “no” refined sugar ingredients. You’ll find ‘old’ recipes remade with a modern twist!

Each item is made by hand and from scratch with high quality, nutrient-dense ingredients. While all items are gluten-free, on the menu are plenty of vegan, paleo and non-dairy options.

Our philosophy is ‘local is best’! We buy from local suppliers whenever possible and during the growing season simply step into the back yard to collect vegetables and herbs from our garden.

You can find Delish Kitch at the The Stop Farmers Market at Wychwood Barns Toronto, year-round on Saturdays- 8 am to 1 pm or Waterdown Farmers Market on Saturdays- 8 am to 1 pm May 28 to Oct 29). Alternatively, you can come directly to DK Market Kitchen. Pre-order in advance from Sunday to Thursday and pick up your order on Friday from 3:45 pm to 8:00 pm!

DK is well rested and….

Peachie Keen! DK is well rested from a great hiking vacation in the Canadian Rockies! And….DK is keen on preparing some yumminess with seasonal peaches! This weeks Features are: Blueberry Peach Crisp Peach Poppy Seed Mini Muffin Peach Streusel Scone Blueberry Peach Breakfast Wrap- an upscale Pop Tartier Looking so forward to getting back in […]


What our customers are saying.

  • OMG this #strawberry #rhubarb scone from @delishkitch is Ahhhhmazing! #glutenfree and uses all the same ingredients I use in my own kitchen.#organic coconut palm sugar, #garbanzo #sorghum and #favabean flours and coconut oil. #local #nutrition Check them out at the Waterdown farmers’ market on Saturdays.

    - Deborah Kuhnen
  • @walnut_kitchen @joannblondin I’m an adventurous sourdough bread addict. I snagged the last loaf #wychwood barns yesterday. I love everything that @delishkitch does. Highly recommend all their goodies
    @joannblondin So good @walnut_kitchen. I ordered ahead last time to ensure there was some left when I got there. #WorthTheDrive

    - Michelle Kosoy TV Producer, Blogger, Foodie & Fashionista
  • @joannblondin Adventurous Sour Dough Bread by @delishkitch is da bomb for my glutenfree dairyfree friends. It’s a nice protein bread filled with nuts and seeds. I feel a little like a Elf or Frodo eating Elfin bread that fuels me.
    I usually cut a slice (or two) and toast it, add some coconut oil (instead of butter) and top with almond butter and smashed raspberries or strawberries. Or I eat it with out the toppings. Check out the @delishkitch feed for the link to her site. You can order in advance. The loaf lasts well in the fridge and freezes well.
    At $10 a loaf I think this is a great value for all the ingredients!

    - Joann Blondin Digital Insights|Nutritionist

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