Bake at Home___Large Hummus Babaganoush Potato Tart


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Gluten-Grain-Sugar-Yeast Free


Organic Hummus, Organic Babaganoush, Organic Red Onion, Organic Spinach,  Organic Tomato, Organic Potato piled high on DK’s Garlic Leek Tart Shell- Aged Cheddar Cheese topping.  The hummus and babaganoush is from Marv Farms- Wychwood Farmers Market- soooo delicious!

***Limited amount is made each week so pre-ordering is suggested*** 

Tart Ingredients: Organic Tigernut Flour & Arrowroot Flour, Leeks, Organic Garlic, Purified Water, Wild Sourdough Starter, Organic Olive Oil, Sea Salt and Psyllium Seed Husk!

Hand Pie Baking Instructions