Bake at Home___Vegan “Lasagna” Pie- Grain Free- Frozen


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Gluten-Grain-Diary-Sugar-Yeast Free

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Serving size: 1 person

*note* this is a very moist lasagna pie

This is a delicious “grain-free” lasagna pie with a cauliflower “noodle” crust, filled with DK’s house made organic cauliflower basil ricotta, roasted tomatoes from Laurie’s garden and topped with DK’s house made organic cauliflower mozzarella!

Pastry ingredients:  organic cauliflower, organic cassava flour, tapioca starch, purified water, organic olive oil, psyllium seed husk, baking powder (wheat/corn free), sea salt.

Baking Instructions for Vegan Lasagna Pie