Grain-Free Tigernut Sourdough Cannelloni Shells- Paleo Vegan AIP

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Gluten-Grain-Dairy-Sugar-Yeast Free….Vegan, Paleo, AIP

$10.00 for pkg of 6 shells

Whaaat….as promised….focusing labour time in the Bakery on products that you would LOVE and DREAM OF having but cannot get anywhere!!!!
Grain-Free Tigernut Sourdough Cannelloni Shells.
You can purchase these empty shells and fill them with your kind of filling and sauce.
Give them a nice bake at 350F – 176C for 18 to 20 minutes (covered for 10 minutes uncovered until bubbling and golden)

***Limited amount is made each week so pre-ordering is suggested*** 

Organic Tigernut Flour & Arrowroot Flour, Water, Wild Sourdough Starter, Organic Olive Oil, Sea Salt and Psyllium Seed Husk!