A few customers had mentioned that they were curious in what DK creates that does not involve baking! DK had the pleasure of indulging in 5 days of painting this past week. This is a photo of my final landscape painting that I did of the back yard- “Spring Melt”. I am excited to “get…

The Creative Side of DK!

Just a heads up…DK will NOT be at Market July 25th! For the first time since the birth of DK….I am actually taking a week off! I LOVE to be creative with food but I also LOVE to be creative in the arts so….I am indulging myself in a full week of painting in an…

Local and Seasonal Baking!

Saskatoon BerriesThe Market is in FULL swing now!
DK loves to bake this time of year!
We are trying a NEW scone- Saskatoon Berry and Lemon
Back by popular demand- Zucchini Chocolate Cherry Muffin
The Zucchini is right from DK’s Garden!
All gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and most importantly….DELISH!