Pre-Order Guideline: Due to the large volume of Sunday pre-orders….once your order is placed, it CANNOT be cancelled. It can be rescheduled for a later pick up date- immediate-full payment is required and your order will come frozen! Thanks for understanding!

You are NOW ordering for Dec 9/10.

Only 4 Markets left until DK’s 6 week closure! Start to gently “stock up” now!

Next Pick Up Date is Dec 23/24 with the Pre-Order Menu opening on Sunday Dec 18 @ 5 pm!

Pick Up Locations:
The Stop Farmers Market- Saturdays @ 601 Christie St TO- 8 am to 12 noon
Puslinch Bakery- Fridays- 2 pm to 8 pm & Saturdays- 5 am to 8 pm