The Freezer Menu is available at any time for you to personally select your own pick-up date/time.
And of course….you can also order from here when you are ordering fresh products with a scheduled pick up date!
Some of the products are not frozen in the menu but they are available to order at any time. Trying to keep things easy for you!

If you want to only order from the Freezer Menu and select your own date/time for pick up….this is how you do it!
When you are in “Check Out” there is an option for “Freezer Menu Only”. Click on that option (a mandatory one) and in the “Order Notes” let DK know the DATE and approximate TIME you would like to pick up your order. DK will respond asap via email to let you know that your chosen date/time is a GO!
Please note: all orders must be paid in full by etransfer prior to pick up!

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