Tigernut Flour 12.5 kg- I’m interested in purchasing some!

DK Is closed for vacation!You cannot order at this time....the Pre-Order Menu opens on Sunday August 28 @ 5 pm for Sept 2/3- Market/Bakery pick up!


If you are interested in purchasing a “one time offer” of Organic Tigernut Flour please let me know?

You can add this product to your cart at checkout without any payment necessary.  DK will contact you once it is confirmed that they can be released.  The cost is still to be determined.  There is no obligation to purchase this once the details are confirmed….you can change your mind and say “no”.  The cost of the flour will be at a very good rate…that I can promise you.  Think about sharing some with a friend!!!

The “best before date” is May 2023.  If you freeze this flour, the shelf life in indefinite.