SMALL- 3 Pack- Grain Free Pie Shells- Paleo Vegan AIP’ish


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Gluten-Grain-Dairy-Sugar-Yeast Free….Vegan, Paleo, AIP’ish

$12.00 – 3 shells @ 5 inch /12.70 cm

AIP’ish if you can tolerate a very minuscule amount of ground organic brown flax seed.

These raw pastry shells have been in the Test Kitchen for a long time!  After months of “test batches”, DK can finally say that we have nailed it!
A delicious, light and flaky crust for sweet or savory fillings.
Optional pie lids and crumble top are available for purchase.

Organic Cassava Flour, Organic Tigernut Flour, Pro-Forest Organic Coconut Palm Oil, Arrowroot Flour, Tapioca Flour, Water, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Brown Flax Seed, Sea Salt.