The Perfect Pair of Comfort!

Biscuits and Local Grass Fed Beef Stew! OK…this is the most DELISH pair! A Sweet Potato Biscuit dipping into a “Traditional 2 day Organic Bone Broth” Local Grass Fed Beef and Vegetable…Slow Cooked…Stew! This is rarely made by Delish Kitch and the batch is small…if this makes you feel all comfy cozy…go for it!!!! This…

Loving DK Bagels and….

and the customers who enjoy them! Not only does DK get to bake whole grain, delicious, gluten-free bagels but we also get to meet such lovely customers who purchase them.  George jogs to the Market every Saturday morning….rain, snow, ice or shine and gets his family their weekly bagel fix! Each bagel is individually sculpted…

The Days are getting longer….

and so is DK’s menu ideas!   New….prepackaged in a compostable baking tray, these Vegan Date Squares are all ready for you to take home and enjoy!  Freeze them for a later time, take them as a Hostess gift or….???? This weeks Bread features is: Organic Sprouted Buckwheat and Quinoa Sourdough! A nutrient dense loaf…

Happy Valentines Day!

Feeling the LOVE on a Special Market Weekend!

This weeks Bread features is:
Organic Sprouted Buckwheat & Sorghum Sourdough with Chia and Flax
This weeks Soup feature is:
Thai Inspired Roasted Root Vegetable Stew
This weeks Sweet features are:
Chocolate LOVE Muffin
Chocolate Cherry Orange Mini Muffin

Gluten-Free, Diary-Free, Vegan, Delish!