LImited Addition!

TomatoeeeeOHHH Yummm…..DK Garden Organic Heirloom Cherry Tomato Soup!
Limit 2 per customer- while small supply lasts!

And….Heads Up!!! DK won’t be at Market September 12- we are closed for a Family Wedding.
We will return for the abundant fall menu on September 19th!

BBQ Pizza!

We got a new Pizza Shell for you! Oh yummmmm, DK garden fresh grilled veggies with DK basil pesto on top of a Delish Kitch Multi-Grain BBQ Pizza Shell will make for a delish- quick and easy dinner! Soooo, how did DK do it you ask? One DK BBQ Multi-Grain Pizza Shell- coat the bottom…

Ontario Buckwheat-Millet Bread

Finding GF Ingredients Closer to Home! Not only is DK committed to “whole-grain” “gluten-free” products but we also strive to get our ingredients as close to home as possible. Purchasing GF flours is a challenge as they risk being cross contaminated with gluten. DK is thrilled to have found a supplier for buckwheat flour. George…